3rd World Congress of Environmental History – Call for papers

3rd World Congress of Environmental History, 22-26 July 2019 in Florianopolis, Brazil – Call for Papers
Panel Theme: Africa in Global Connections: Destructured Social and Ecological Panorama and Relational Responsibility

Colonialism catalysed cultural, material and conceptual landscape transformations, which continuing impact is largely neglected (Sluyter 2001). The colonizers, however, failed to transform African societies in pre-determined ways. In the ensuing encounter, they did occasion a social formation neither they nor the colonized completely determined. This contact and attempt to engineer peoples and lands in line with European dream forms the soil from which emerged the roots of the crisis unravelling Africa. Everywhere, the historical experience bears ‘the stigmata of trauma and strife, of interference and rupture with the past, as well as the boon of continuity, of successful adaptation and adjustment – engrams of events not easily erased’ (Wolf 1969). The unintended consequences of colonial policies and practices not only inscribe instances of African adaptation and resistance, European ideology and policy adapted to and resisted initiatives of the colonized. In Africa, the encounters of the past are very much part of the present. Against the foregoing, what African cases elucidate how contact with the outside world shaped specific environmental changes and with what consequences for human society? What roles did African actors play in global processes of environmental transformation? To what extent were changes in the landscape in sync with European predetermination? Moving away from the ecological impacts of global connections, what new ideas can the humanities proffer in dealing with contemporary environmental change? In the context of global connections, what are the uses of the concept of ‘relational responsibility’ in the effort to understand and manage global environmental change? These and other relevant questions will shape the focus of the panel on Africa in Global Connections: Destructured Social and Ecological Panorama and Relational Responsibility. Members of ANEH, and the interested public, are invited to submit abstract to the panel for consideration. Deadline for submission of abstract is 25th September 2018. Abstract of 200 words maximum should be submitted to john.agbonifo@uniosun.edu.ng or agbonifo1@gmail.com.

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